Welcome to the Tenth District Chancery Court of Mississippi

This website is designed to make information about the chancery court system easily accessible to the public. The Tenth Chancery District of Mississippi consists of five counties (Forrest, Lamar, Marion, Pearl River, and Perry) with Chancery courthouses in the five respective county seats (Hattiesburg, Purvis, Columbia, Poplarville, and New Augusta).

On this site, you will find the jurisdiction and duties of these courts, contact information for the judges and their staffs, contact information for each Clerk of court, information on filing procedures, local court rules, directions to each courthouse, case schedules, and each Chancellor's individual docket. Information on each of this district's four Chancellors is also available.

You must Contact the court administrator to have your case placed on the Chancellor's docket. Any orders containing trial settings need to be sent to the Chancellor's court administrator.

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Tenth District Chancery Court for the State of Mississippi

Chancellor Place 1
Honorable Deborah J. Gambrell

Chancellor Place 2
Honorable Rhea H. Sheldon

Chancellor Place 3
Honorable Johnny L. Williams (Senior Chancellor)

Chancellor Place 4
Honorable M. Ronald Doleac

Role of the Chancery Court

As stated in Section 159 of the Mississippi Constitution, "[t]he chancery court shall have full jurisdiction in the following matters and cases:

  1. all matters in equity;
  2. divorce and alimony;
  3. matters testamentary and of administration;
  4. minor's business;
  5. cases of idiocy, lunacy, and persons of unsound mind;
  6. all cases of which the said court had jurisdiction under the laws in force when this Constitution is put in operation."

Chancery Court Cases

As allowed by the Mississippi Constitution, the cases heard by the Chancery Court include the following categories. If your matter does not fall within one of the following, please reference the Other Courts and Agencies contact page for more information.